Our Curriculum

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trendy educational fads come and go. padre pio academy offers students a solid foundation.

At Padre Pio Academy our academic program is based upon the classical Trivium of grammar, logic and rhetoric. Students are taught the basic building blocks of each subject (such as phonics, math facts and historical facts) and then encouraged to ask questions, make deductions and draw conclusions from the material as they develop their capacity for logic and, ultimately, self-expression.

The goal of the curriculum is not simply to teach students ‘what’ to think, but to give them the resources, knowledge, and internal discipline to think clearly and logically and then to express themselves effectively. To that end, Padre Pio Academy offers a full range of academic subjects. Primary grades are particularly geared toward reading skill.  

The high school is a continuation of the classical trivium geared toward the age of rhetorical learning. We provide our students with solid Catholic catechesis while satisfiying the state of Ohio's high school graduation credit requirements.

Central to the curriculum is the Humane Letters Course, which encompasses the religious, philosophical, civic and literary contexts crucial to the study of Western Civilization. Through the analysis of historical primary source texts and literature that corresponds with the timeline, students practice critical examination and learn to draw conclusions from their studies. Methodology includes lectures, civil discussion, and presentations, with comprehensive written tests. Material is structured chronologically from ancient and medieval history, culminating in American Government and Economics during Junior and Senior years.

No program can truly be classical without the study of Latin, which is a requirement for all students. Also required is rigorous work in Mathmatics, Religion, and the Sciences.  Fine Arts offerings include choral music through study and participation in the PPA Schola, and our Drama program.

A variety of elective foreign languages include: French, Spanish and German. We also offer a range of mini-semester intensive course electives in subjects such as American Historical Documents, Financial Literacy, Music Theory, Health, Physical Education, Visual Art, Studio Art, and much more.

Padre Pio Academy does not participate in Common Core.


All subjects are taught from a Catholic perspective.

▪ Church History, Scripture Studies, Catechism

▪ Ancient Greek and Roman History and Mythology

▪ Medieval & World History

▪ US History

▪ Theology & Apologetics

▪ Scholastic Choir

▪ Phonics & Speech Therapy

▪ Saxon Math, Shormann Math

▪ Grammar, Composition, Phonics, Vocabulary

▪ Classical Literature

▪ Latin, (Latin and Greek roots in primary grades)

▪ Logic & Recitation

▪ General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Anatomy

▪ Art & Art History

▪ Standardized Testing - PSAT 8/9/10, National Latin Exam

Padre Pio Academy is recognized by The College Board and is authorized to administer PSAT, SAT & ACT tests.